Magna Carta (Great Charter)

The Magna Carta (Latin Word) means the Great Charter was signed by the King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215.

King John’s reign was marked by disputes between John and his barons and bishops.

800 years of Magna Carta celebrations

Because of this, the nobles forced him to observe the agreement called Magna Carta, to limit his power. The Magna Carta was a significant legal document in English history, as well as the first English “bill of rights”.

King John signed the declaration

It introduced the idea that monarchs had limited rights and had to follow certain laws, and it gave the nobles more say in the government. It not only affected the English government but inspired governments of other countries.

From that point onwards the idea of Parliament began to develop.

Below here was the 800 years celebration on 15th June 2015, in which QE II took part, and also an anniversary coin was released by the Royal Mint.