King Charles III, formerly known as the Prince of Wales and the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, was born Charles Philip Arthur George on November 14, 1948. As the heir apparent since he was three years old, he has remained in that capacity for the longest period of time in British history.

Charles has been a well-known figure in British public life for many years. He is renowned for his charitable efforts and his candid opinions on a variety of topics, including climate change and architecture. However, his ascension to the throne is likely to be a controversial moment in British history.

14/09/2022. London, United Kingdom. The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, is followed by King Charles III and members of the Royal Family as she arrives to Lie in State at the Houses of Parliament. Picture by Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street

Charles III’s opinions on the function of the monarch are one of the biggest topics of debate surrounding him. He has long supported a king who actively participates in public life and takes stances on political matters, a monarch he refers to as “meddling.” This deviates from the monarch’s traditional function, which is to maintain political neutrality.

Many analysts worry that Charles III, as king, will use his position to advance his own agenda and meddle in political processes. Others contend that he has a keen awareness of the problems the nation faces as a result of his active participation in public affairs and that, as king, he would be a positive influence.

As king, Charles III will probably come under greater media scrutiny as they follow his every move with interest. This might exacerbate the already tense relationship between the royal family and the press and cause tensions between the palace and the media.

Many people think Charles III will make a great king despite these possible controversies. He is well-educated, well-traveled, and quite knowledgeable about how the government functions and the problems that the nation is currently experiencing. In addition to being a dedicated family man, he is well-known for his humanitarian endeavors and dedication to environmental problems.