Can you imagine a house or big Mansion on its own without any garden or trees around it?
In the early 18th century Lancelot Brown thought every place had ‘capabilities’.

If you are living in a house with a back or front garden (or both) then the idea of that was because of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

He was more commonly known by the byname Capability Brown, an English landscape architect. He is remembered as “the last of the great English 18th-century artists to be accorded his due” and “England’s greatest gardener”.

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown designed over 170 parks, many of which are still in use.
Many rich as we all royals of the 18th century hired him to construct gardens around their mansions and palaces.

The garden around a dwelling place and parks were ideas Lancelot conceived, 300 years ago and it is still very popular and getting better and better and now a worldwide phenomenon.